What to expect when flying with Iberia Express

While I am not an uber-frequent flyer, I did fly enough in the past few years to get an idea of how things work. So I decided to write a few short notes on what to expect when flying on some of the airlines I flew on and to some of the airports I have been through. I will only post reviews on airlines I flew in the past 3 years, as aviation is a dynamic business and what I experienced 5 or 6 years ago might not hold true anymore.

As of the time of this writing, I have been a passenger on Iberia Express only once, on an Airbus A320. While this might make the review less significant than the ones for companies I flew with more often, it still is a snapshot of what I experienced with them that might be useful to some. Iberia Express is a Spanish airline owned by Iberia, which operates short- and medium-haul routes from its parent airline’s Madrid hub, providing feeder flights onto Iberia’s long-haul network. As such, it has one free checked bag up to 23 kg (50 lb) per passenger allowance.

Overall, the cabin crew has been helpful and polite, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The seats on the Airbus A320 we were on (a newer plane, only 2 years old) are less cramped than advertised on seatguru, but this is due to the plane having only 30 rows of seats instead of the 33 shown there. They are new seats, with rather thin padding that isn’t comfortable (it’s not uncomfortable, either) but they do not recline at all.

As for the food, I don’t know about mainline Iberia, but on Iberia Express there are no free meals. You can select a sandwich or other cold snacks from their inflight menu, but everything costs. As our flight was an early morning flight after a very short night, we slept almost all of the 2h 20′ the flight took, so we didn’t mind the absence of food.

Inflight entertainment is completely absent on the planes. For me and my children that isn’t a problem since we prefer looking out the windows (and we rarely watch tv at home, anyway), but for some travelers that might be a problem.

Apparently Iberia has a 24/7 passenger assistance hotline, but thankfully we didn’t need it so I can’t tell for sure.

To sum up:

Company Iberia Express
Cabin flown Economy
Cabin crew 3 Stars
Seat comfort 2 Stars
Food&beverages 1 Stars
Inflight Entertainment 0 Stars
Value for money 3 Stars
Average 1.8 Stars

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