Da capo, maestro!

After going through updating and refreshing my blog a few months ago, I found myself again in a similar position. Only this time, I start with a clean slate. The guys hosting my site went out of business recently, and without a word of warning, I found that my site no longer existed. So I looked for a new host, and now the site and blog are alive again. I do have a few older backups on my computer, but I have no idea how recent they are as I had the automated WordPress backup running on the site (so the backups went away along with the site) – I’ll dust them off and complete what is missing via goggle’s cached versions of my pages. And I’m sure this time it will go better.

Edit: The last backup I made offline (that I have found) is from January 2011. I’ll have to somehow patch up the last 4 years; I have saved some posts and pages that Google had in its cache however there are a few more that I’ll have to either rebuild from scratch or forget altogether…

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