About me

Father. Radiologist. Photographer. NAUI OWD. Traveller. And plane crazy

I have two boys, and since they came into my world, my whole list of priorities changed. Day by day, I found that fatherhood is the hardest, most wonderful, most magical and most rewarding job in the world.

I am a radiologist from Bucharest, Romania. I got the travel bug as a child, when my parents used to take me with them on vacations. As I grew older, it only got worse, so I started going farther and farther away.

My father used to take photos as a hobby, which I found interesting. As I grew older, I first took his camera to document my trips and the magic moments that happened to be around me. I switched to the digital world in 2006 with a Kodak z700, happy to be able to take crappy photos without worrying about missing an opportunity of a lifetime due to lack of frames. And those crappy photos got better and better. So here I am, 9 years later, with the bug stronger than ever.

I like the water. I love the sea. I love to swim. And thus in 2011 I got my NAUI OWD license, to be able to better enjoy the marine world.

The first time I got on a plane, as the airplane thundered down the runway for takeoff, I felt a rush of adrenaline the like I have never felt before or since. I still get a rush when the plane takes off, but to feel the same way I did back then, I would have to be the one flying the airplane. Until then, I photograph planes, I go to airshows and fly as a passenger every chance I get – although I’m still pretty far from joining the elite tiers of any frequent flyer program.

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